Tech Sub Association is a group of divers specialized in river archaeology as well as maritime archaeology. The two major operations spots are the river « Le Grand Morin » in the little town of Crecy La Chapelle (located 45 km East of Paris) and Corsica in the mediterranean sea. Member of the French Federation for Underwater Studies & Sports (Federation Française d’Etudes et de Sports Sous-Marins), Tech Sub is also affiliated to the World Confédération CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques).


Less than one hour from Paris by car, Crécy La Chapelle was chosen to be the permanent location of the association. The easy access by the A4 highway, the proximity of the EuroDisney TGV railway station and the greenish surroundings of the Grand Morin valley are winning cards . At Crécy la Chapelle, discovery and training in the field of underwater archaeology are clearly the main objectives. Training sessions during several days as well as « discovery days » for diving clubs are regularly organized. The shallow river, the average visibility of two meters and no motorized navigation are important elements of security.
A XIIIth century tower reshaped during the XVIIIth century (and fitted up more recently by the archaeologists-divers) is the association headquarters. It is the perfect place to organize meetings and lessons. Here, the most interesting objects recovered from the river are on display. The subjects studied in the river around and inside the town range from ancient dumping places to medieval defensive works. From April to November the excavation site is open. Visitors who have the FFESSM level II or a CMAS « three stars » degree are allowed to dive.



 Every summer, expeditions are organized along the coasts of Corsica. Tech Sub studies wrecks dating back from the XVIth century up to the XIXth century. These operations are of course authorized by the French Ministry of Culturals Affairs. The team is completed with divers keen on underwater archaeology. The campaigns last 3 or 4 weeks. A high level work is done but training is not forgotten. The team works in a complete independence and is helped by various organisms (Collectivité Territoriale de Corse, Ministére de la Culture and Fédération Française d’Etudes et de Sports Sous-Marins). The excavations are open to anyone on application. The average team is made of eight to ten divers. Pierre Villié a leading specialist in naval archaeology manages the operations. Results of the excavating works are published in detailled reports and books.

For more informations in english, see the U pezzo wreck annual reports ( 1998 ; 1999 ) and a INA Quarterly review about the Ca Ira wreck

Pierre Villié - An independent research worker, ardent defender of the archeological interest of so-called « recent » wrecks, is among the best french specialists of naval timber studies. At the head and at the source of the « Centre Fédéral d’Archéologie de Crécy la Chapelle». He initiated for divers a concept of archeology training courses witch allow these divers to join Tech Sub team and the expeditions he organizes since 1981